2018 Birmingham (Alabama, US) St. Patrick's Day parade

Bill said "Hey, let's go take pictures at the St. Patrick's Day parade". Easy "yes". We went with Mary Sue, Laura joining us for lunch later.

FWIW, from my mom I later found out I had Collins as well as Carey in my Irish background. Unfortunately the mainfest didn't record what county they were from. OH WELL.

Anyway, this 'early days' webpage is to show the pictures of group in front of the fire engine and a couple Bill, Larry, and I took some pictures of. Later it might be all fancy, if I can beat Lightroom into submission.

Right-click to download the larger sizes. Contact me if you want the original raw picture (Nikon D750 NEF).

General copyright is here. If you are the subject of a picture, feel free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Fire Engine

Copyright for the photogenic people in front of the fire engine is: full rights

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Copyright for the photogenic couple that is the subject of the pictures is: full rights

I quick snapped the picture of the woman taking a selfie, but the camera was set up for another picture, hence the over-exposed pictures. I kind of like them, but see Bill's and Larry's pictures for more normal shots (links to come).

These are all the shots, unedited. Normally I'd want to edit the best 1 or 2, but this is more of a dump so they can pick what they like.

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Everything else

don't hold your breath