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Copyright Information

Anything created by Brian, Laura, or Anton Timares is automatically copyrighted. 'dems da rules. If it is not explicitly marked with copyright information, or is not marked generally on a 'table of contents' page on this site, or is not marked on this page, then you need our explicit permission to use the work in any way.


Typically a brief email to copyright (the addressee) at this domain ( letting us know what you want to use (and it helps if you say how). If you want a different license, let us know what the other license is and what work(s) you want to use and how you want to use them.

Typically we are using the Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 license, so chances are you just need to point out that we hadn't gotten around to marking a page/work with the license.

Keep in mind that our minor son and his friends are in some pictures and for those pictures we would like special consideration given to their use. For example, don't embarass him—as parents, that's our job :-)